Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Why can't we have a "Zero Games" day?

G'day Guys, Dave here. Wow! The site's only been up a few days and we've already had loads of feedback. The response has been mostly positive, but some of you don't seem to share our enthusiasm for the zero movement. I guess when something as fresh and innovative as the zero movement comes along, there's always going to be some people who are a little bit wary of it. You're entitled to your opinion guys, but try and keep the comments constructive huh? We believe in zero censorship here, but also zero hatred. Anyway, enough of the negative stuff.

Why can't we have a "Zero Games" day?

It's only a few weeks until the Commonwealth games start, and as you can imagine I'm pretty pumped. But there's another type of games that I definitely DON'T get excited about. The games that chicks play with your head.

I'd been seeing this girl, Bree, for a few weeks. She was a pretty good-looking girl, and a blast to be around, but she was always asking me these loaded questions like "Do I look fat in this top?", or "Do you think Jo (her friend) is hotter than me?". There's never a right answer to these sort of questions, there always seems to be some sort of ulterior motive.

So I just thought - Why can't we have a Zero Games day? For just one day, a total ban on all emotional games, loaded questions and lies. One day where you could ask your partner anything at all and be sure of getting a 100% honest reply.

I thought Bree might go for it, so I brought it up with her. I started by explaining how I felt I'd really changed as a person since I'd been into the zero movement, and that just for today I wanted zero games and total honesty from both of us. She said that it sounded like a really good idea, a chance to get any issues out in the open and hopefully make our relationship stronger.

I thought I'd get the ball rolling, so I told her about how I had cheated on her while at the coast with some of the guys (more on that later!) She was pretty upset by this and started crying. I explained that I had been drunk, and that it hadn't meant anything, and eventually she calmed down. Then I asked her if she had anything that she wanted to tell me, and she said that she would never cheat on me, but that she had slept with my mate Dane a couple of years before we met. Naturally I told her right then that I didn't want to see her any more.

So even though I'm single again now, the Zero Games day was definitely a good idea. If I hadn't decided to try it, I might have never have found out that Bree was such a slut. And now I'm free to make a move on the new hottie in my section at work!

Zero games = zero worries.



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