Wednesday, February 01, 2006

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I'm sure you've all heard of the zero movement by now. The guys at Coke don't just make great drinks, they've also come up with this great new way of looking at life. Basically, it's all about living without the limits and expectations that we're constantly told we have to adhere to. Young blokes like us have a lot to deal with in our lives. Dead end jobs, hassles with our girlfriends, folks that can't realise we're not kids anymore. These things can add up and leave you feeling pretty grim. Joining the zero movement is about saying "Enough! Why the hell CAN'T we have a great life without any of the bad stuff?" I reckon it's a really novel concept.

Jase and I started reading about the zero movement and found that the idea really clicked with us both. We began coming up with our own "zero statements" and talking about them at the pub, emailing them to each other to break the monotony of yet another boring work day, even texting a few to our mates, most of who could really relate to what we were saying.

Coke have done a great job on their zero movement website, but they're obviously pretty snowed under there, cos a bunch of the zero statements we sent in didn't appear on their site until a week after we sent them, and some don't seem to have made it on at all! I guess they get a fair bit of feedback, and must have trouble keeping up with all the posts. That's understandable, but we reckon some of the stuff we have come up with is pretty good, and we want to get it out there for others to hear.

So that's why we started this site. It's a place for us to share our own thoughts and stories of how we're getting more zero into our lives. But, it's also a place for you guys to let us know what you think about the zero movement, and to share your own words of wisdom that capture the zero spirit. So please post a comment, or send one of us an email. It's all about getting the message out there to the world.

So, here goes nothing!

Dave and Jase

PS. We're expecting to get a lot of posts and comments, and seeing as this is a site for everyone to contribute to we can't be responsible for everything on here. If you see something that you think is incorrect or if someone's pic is breaching copyright or anything, just shoot us an email and we'll sort it out.

PPS. And before anyone asks - no, we're not affiliated with the Coca-Cola company or anything like that. We love the new Coke zero, but we're definitely NOT on their payroll. We're just a couple of regular blokes who are really into the zero movement philosophy. Are you?


Blogger Jeremy said...

Oh for god sake. Just how stupid do these companies think we are?

ps try going to work for Coke and making employment demands as per the "zero movement philosophy". Yeah, I'm sure they'll be very understanding.

8:58 am AEDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's so true! I have totally reorganised my life according to the Zero Movement Philosophy, and only have the Coca Cola company to thank.

I just wish they'd thought of making a drink without sugar earlier, so that I wouldn't have wasted so much time in my previous meaningless existence.

PS My local bus company won't let me stand on top of their buses whilst they're driving. I explained that it was because of the Zero Movement Philosophy, and they didn't care.

Hey, you guys sound like a rocking pair of regular blokes. Apart from this blog, what else do you guys do?

9:02 am AEDT  
Blogger Jase Zero said...

I think you might be missing the point of the zero movement, Mr Lefty. It's all about taking risks, shaking things up a bit and seeing what happens. I have no idea how coke would treat a 'sick of the cubicle day', but I do know that the one that Dave and I took yesterday was pretty awesome. Booyar! hehe...

And anonymous, I guess we're just typical aussie blokes, who have seen the light. And who WISH they had the balls to bus surf...

9:34 am AEDT  
Anonymous Anna Winter said...

Hey dudes - are the rumours true that Coke Zero is really Diet Coke with a black label?

9:47 am AEDT  
Anonymous Roger Rogerson said...

Hey Anna, that's totally what I heard! Wowsers! I sure do love Diet Coke! All the guys on "Australia's Biggest Losers" drink it!

10:09 am AEDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is the lamest bunch of shite I've ever seen. Real aussie blokes drink beer. The site might be believable if it was VB philosophy not some nancy boys drinking diet coke in a black label.

10:16 am AEDT  
Anonymous antimatter said...

Yeah dudes, I have to agree that drinking Coke Zero is really risky and "shaking it up a bit".
well the brain tumour stuff makes drinking it pretty risky. So count me in. Right on. Where's my spray can and stencil with a banal "observation" on it. word, dudes. can I have a ponytail and a pair of Nikes too?

12:02 pm AEDT  
Blogger Jeremy said...

I think you might be missing the point of the zero movement, Mr Lefty. It's all about taking risks, shaking things up a bit and seeing what happens.

Is it? I thought it was about buying NEW ZERO COKE.

You mean I can do all this and drink Pepsi? Awesome.

1:15 pm AEDT  
Anonymous Joey Jo Jo said...

Or V! V is an awesome drink. I find Coke Zero - and ordinary Coke for that matter - pretty tasteless. Zero's worse - you can really tell there's no sugar in it. Yuck.

V's really tasty though. You guys should try it.

1:17 pm AEDT  
Anonymous Rich said...

Have you noticed that Coke's been getting waterier lately, too? Not just the Diet Coke/Zero Coke stuff, although the lack of sugar really makes it much worse, but even ordinary Coca Cola tastes pretty weak these days. It's not just my taste buds, because Pepsi still tastes the same. It's something about Coke.

Have any of you noticed this?

1:23 pm AEDT  
Blogger lgws said...

nothing like a refreshing SUNKIST on a sunny afternoon

4:17 pm AEDT  
Blogger lgws said...

or perhaps a refreshing MOUNTAIN DEW

4:20 pm AEDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This blog needs to be archived before it gets deleted.
And that should be happening in

5:04 pm AEDT  
Blogger Armagnac Esq. said...

Hey, here's a great new article I like thought you total dudes might be interested in:

Like, it's a fucking trackback dudes!

6:40 pm AEDT  
Anonymous Nabakov said...

"Joining the zero movement is about saying "Enough! Why the hell CAN'T we have a great life without any of the bad stuff?"

I'm with you bros. Don't let all the blue meanies commenting here get you down.

Yeah, let's dump all the bad stuff, starting with half-arsed guerilla marketing campaigns that involve spamming blogs, dreamt up by incompetent coolhunters that couldn't find their own arses if it they were snapfrozen.

I mean really guys, this is gonna go down as one of the great marketing fiascos of the past few years. Bail out now before you end up virally marketing overpriced streetwear and pastel alchopops at nightclubs.

8:15 pm AEDT  
Anonymous Rad the Impaler said...

Have both you dudez got pony tails? Talk about a real zero movement! This is why Pepsi is winning the war.

12:26 am AEDT  

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