Thursday, February 02, 2006

Site update

Well, it looks like we've got a place to call our own. Big thanks to Sal, who's been up all night putting it together - we owe you one!

It's amazing how fast things happen when inspriration strikes. Just the other day I was at Dave's place and was talking to Sal (his cute housemate) about the Zero Movement and the site Dave and I were trying to establish. She was blown away by the concepts and had always wanted to try her hand at web design. I think you'll agree, the results are pretty awesome. The power of zero in action, for sure...


Anonymous Sal said...

No worries, guys... I'm glad you like it! :) xxo

10:24 am AEDT  
Blogger Jase Zero said...

Hey Sal, maybe I can thank you by taking you out for a bevvy sometime? ;) JP

3:11 pm AEDT  
Anonymous sal said...

Thanks Jason, but I think I'm going to have to say NO...again! :)

4:22 pm AEDT  
Blogger Dave Zero said...

Nice try mate.

4:50 pm AEDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi! I stumbled across your blog and i must say it looks great! I really like the font you are using for your banner. What is it called?

- Stefan

7:29 pm AEDT  
Anonymous sal said...

Hi Stefan. The font is called 'STOMPER'. I've been using it for a few years now. Just google 'stomper font download' and you'll find a number of places to download it from. It used to be free, but I think you might have to pay for it now. :(

10:04 pm AEDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sal, were you REALLY up all night hand-coding a BLOGGER TEMPLATE?!?! wow...I bow to your RaD SkiLlZZ

10:05 am AEDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah. this blogger template totally r0ck5.

Now I see why Coke litters their other blog with fake posts... This is really humiliating...

I wonder if Coke are doing this so they can say, "actually, there are a variety of opinions about the zero campaign, just take thezeromovementrocks, for example... Not everyone thinks we're a pack of try-hards..."

11:50 am AEDT  
Anonymous antimatter said...

you Zeros are so l33t. max respekt to yr mad skillz.

12:17 pm AEDT  
Anonymous the only gay in the village (apart from jase and dave) said...

um and what have you been using the rad stomper font for, "for a few years now", if this is your first effort at "building a website"?

1:21 pm AEDT  
Anonymous Greg said...

anyone notice how sal turned down jase's offer for a drink?

clearly she thinks new coke zero tastes like crap, too!

2:00 pm AEDT  
Anonymous Kev said...

No, it's just a tale we can all relate to. Jase wants Sal, but Sal's not interested, and Dave laughs at his mate.


I'm so fascinated by the intrigue I'm going to rush out and buy some Zero Coke.

No, not really, because it tastes like shit.

3:30 pm AEDT  
Anonymous sal said...

Ok I've changed my mind..which one of you boys wants to do me first?

just wait a sec while I change the bandage on my bleeding warts

5:34 pm AEDT  
Anonymous sal said...

come on boys... who's up for a spit-roast? ;-)

5:59 pm AEDT  
Blogger jes said...

And if she gets too sore, shake up a bottle of Zero Coke and hose her down!

6:03 pm AEDT  

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